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  1. Definition of ad libitum (Entry 2 of 2): omissible according to a performer's wishes —used as a direction in music — compare obbligato entry 1 Examples of ad libitum in a Sentence.
  2. Mission Statement The Mission of the Ad Libitum Club is to raise awareness of the dynamic interface between art, medicine and science and to provide platforms for support and sharing of artistic endeavors by the Einstein community, i.e. students, postdocs, faculty and staff.
  3. Ad libitum feeding means that the diet is available at all times. Restricted feeding refers to restricting the amount of food while still ensuring nutritional adequacy. This implies that only the amount of .
  4. The participants were divided to two groups - one received walnuts along with ad libitum diet (a diet that allows food intake as much one desires), while the second group received only the ad libitum diet without walnut. Eating Walnuts Keeps Diabetes, Heart Diseases Away.
  5. Ad libitum (AL) supply of standard chow is the feeding method most often used for rodents in animal experiments. However, AL feeding is known to result in a shorter lifespan and decreased health as compared with restricted feeding.
  6. However, ad libitum feeding has been implicated in mortality and health problems such as ascites, tibial dyschondroplasia, necrosis of the femoral head, angular and torsional long bone deformities, perosis, spinal deformities, obesity and Sudden Death Syndrome [1, 3, 4].
  7. Ad libitum definition: (to be performed) at the performer's discretion | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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