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9 thoughts on “ Гопак / Hopak

  1. A media release from the NGU sheds further light, listing among the arms displayed the Гопак, or ‘Hopak’. A machine-translation of its description reads “operational portable rifle, based on AK/AKM”. While the Hopak appears to have a wholly conventional AKM-style receiver, complete with gas block, no gas tube is visible.
  2. –30, from Ukrainian гопак (hopák), from the interjection гоп (hop). Compare Ukrainian гопати (hópaty), гопкати (hópkaty), гопцювати (hopcjuváty), гопки (hópky, “dance steps”), and dated Ukrainian гопи (hópy, “dance steps”), гопка (hópka, “child (jocular)”).
  3. The Hopak (Гопак) is a Ukrainian assault rifle developed in the mid s from the tygojaskazizilzushura.xyzinfotion Loading: 10 or rnd magazines.
  4. Bojowy Hopak Warszawa. likes. Treningi grupa początkująca: wt. czw. - Wola - Ogrodowa 42/44 Grupa zaawansowana wt., czw. Wola.
  5. Hopak (Гопак) Often referred to as the National Dance of Ukraine, Hopak is a Cossack dance that has its origins in the early 16th century. Popular with amateur and professional Ukrainian dance ensembles, several composers have also incorporated Hopak into opera and ballet.
  6. Composer Modest Mussorgsky, arr. Anatoly Lyadov. Performed by Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Conductor Vasily Nebolsin. Moscow, Hopak (Гопак) (Opera «Sorochintsy Fair», act 3).
  7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Combat Hopak (also Boyovyy Hopak, Boyovyi Hopak from Ukrainian Бойовий гопак) is a Cossack martial art from Ukraine. It was systematised and codified in by Volodymyr Pylat (a descendant of a Cossack family from western Ukraine). It can be trained in light, semi and full contact formulae.
  8. Definition of hopak in the tygojaskazizilzushura.xyzinfo dictionary. Meaning of hopak. What does hopak mean? Origin: –30, from гопак, from the interjection гоп. Freebase ( / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Hopak. Hopak, also referred to as Gopak or Cossack dance, is a Ukrainian dance. It is performed most often as a solitary concert.
  9. Гопак ТБ/Hopak TV. K likes. Телеканал Міжнародної федерації Бойового Гопака.

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