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8 thoughts on “ Bb Blues (Concert Key)

  1. Forums:: Music To Listen To. Blues in the key of C. 4 replies Sun, 03/20/ - johnny rico. Offline. Joined: 06/08/ I am looking for some good song examples in the key of C. Looking to see what players use between a F harp and low F harp. I can't think of any blues songs that I have with harp in the key of C. Thanks.
  2. The result are lines that will fit in both a Jazz and a Blues context, and you can probably put them to use in a lot of jazz standards as well. All the examples are in the key of Bb, so they are thought from the Bb7 chord. Bb is a very common key for a Jazz Blues, there are numerous famous jazz blues themes in Bb, think Tenor Madness or Blue Monk.
  3. Jun 5, - Explore juznobsrvr's board "Backing Tracks" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Backing tracks, Track, Blues guitar pins.
  4. Trombone Jazz Ensemble Blues Scales 1. Concert B flat Blues 2. Concert E flat Blues 3. Concert A flat Blues 4. Concert D flat Blues 5. F sharp Blues (Concert G flat) 6. B Blues (Concert C flat) 7. Concert E Blues 8. Concert A Blues 9. Concert D Blues Concert G Blues Concert C Blues Concert F Blues.
  5. The 1st note of the B-flat blues scale is Bb: 2: The 2nd note of the B-flat blues scale is Db: 3: The 3rd note of the B-flat blues scale is Eb: 4: The 4th note of the B-flat blues scale is E: 5: The 5th note of the B-flat blues scale is F: 6: The 6th note of the B-flat blues scale is .
  6. Apr 17,  · I think the big problem here is that key signatures are designed around Western classical music theory, which blues is not. Blues really operates by its own rules, and I think what gives a lot of American music (whether jazz, blues, rock, etc.) its unique flavor is this uneasy tension between classical tradition and blues tradition.
  7. An Blues, Rock Backing Track by Tomas Sandanus Guitar GuitarToneMaster is an archive of Guitar Jam Tracks and dedicated to provide guitarists with the best backing tracks. Blues, Rock backing track in the key of E - Jamtrack
  8. Bb instrument players (trumpet, clarinet, soprano- and tenor-sax): To match the 'concert key ' of keyboards, flutes etc. play in the key 2 semitones higher. For example for the Blues in C: play in the key of D For the Blues in F: play in the key of G.

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