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8 thoughts on “ Battleking - Various - Bloodsport Labelsampler 2 (CDr)

  1. Sep 12,  · From Bloodsport 2 movie. One of the greatest fight scene in the movie history 李连杰 Jet Li 精武英雄 Fist of Legend - Duration: CAWS WUSHU , views.
  2. Jan 31,  · The cooldown of Dancing Rune Weapon was reduced to 2 minutes, from 3 minutes previously. The radius of Gorefiend's Grasp was reduced significantly, from 20 yards to 15 yards. This is approximately a 40% reduction in the area of effect. Icebound Fortitude was buffed, providing a 30% damage reduction, up from 20%. Talent Changes.
  3. Bloodsport is a heavyweight robot which competed in the fourth season of BattleBots on the Discovery and Science Channel. It is a round, black and red robot with little blood splatters on the tips of its weapon, self-righting staff, and top plate, giving it its name. For weaponry, it's armed with an overhead spinning bar, the likes of Rambite and Tornado Mer. The machine itself can also have a.
  4. The second man to take the name Bloodsport was Alex Trent, who was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and a racist. Alex's father was a sheriff in the southern city of Melonville where the Aryan.
  5. Bloodsport vs The Four Horseman: Bloodsport by KO 1m9s: Episode 3: Bloodsport vs Lucky: Bloodsport by JD: Episode Breaker Box vs Bloodsport: Bloodsport by KO 1m36s: Episode Rail Gun Max vs Bloodsport vs Upper Cut: Upper Cut by KO 2m21s: Not Aired: Bloodsport vs Sharkopion: Bloodsport by KO 56s.
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  7. Bloodsport is a super-villain who uses high-tech guns and weaponry with Kryptonite bullets that are teleported into his hands. He is mentally ill and obsessed with the Vietnam War, hired by Lex Luthor and equipped to kill Superman in his deranged state. Alex Trent was the second villain to use the alias, a fanatical racist and member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Since both men have died, a new.
  8. Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite is a action film directed by Alan Mehrez. It is the sequel to the film Bloodsport. This sequel had a limited release before going direct-to-video in and stars Daniel Bernhardt, who reprised the role in a sequel.

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